mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

Vivi Ponti e l'arte di saper eccedere

VIVETTA is small Italian atelier offering perfect combination of clothing designs between girlish and rock and roll, whilst never compromises for the best quality

Vivi Ponti, the only designer and founder of VIVETTA. After graduated from Liceo Linguistico Le Mantellate in Florence, she joined Roberto Cavalli as assistant designer for 3 years and later as the head designer at Daniele Alessandrini for another 2 years then continued her study in Pattern at CF Paullo in Milan before entering a competition the fresh lounge “Who’s next” 2008 in Paris. Of course, she is the winner and that was when she launched the first collection of VIVETTA. Currently, Vivi happily lives and works in Milan with her beloved Siamese cats, Oliver and Oscar.

VIVETTA was founded in 2008 by Vivi Ponti, its designer. Launched its first collection at the fresh lounge “who’s next” competition as the prestigious winner, it has rapidly emerge as one of the most sought after brands by young designers in Italy. VIVETTA designs are purely made in Italy both in material and production and now are stored in more than 20 multi-brands boutiques all over the world.


With a nod to the past but the feet firmly planted in the now, VIVETTA signature’s style is characterized by unconventional details on fresh look with a touch of vintage feeling. Its details are the result of superb creativity that serves both fun and lively feeling and yet a polite and mademoiselle look. The style is all about combining beautiful designs with the unexpected.  

Qualche scatto della splendida collezione Autunno Inverno 2011-2011 proveniente dal sito web

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