martedì 18 ottobre 2011

Strascichi Cara Collection...

Ancora qualche scatto di questo interessante brand... noi stiamo già organizzando la spedizione di qualche bracciale mascherato da regalo per le amiche.. in realtà faranno poca strada..

The tailor's project loves Cara Collection and Sweden 8)

In Italy they pronounce it "Kara" which means "Dear". These braided bracelets are dear handmade creations that are designed and produced in Gothenburg, Sweden. They are therefore unique and made with a lot of love.

Cara bracelets combine charity and fashion in equal measure. Not only are they very popular in Sweden with numerous celebrities that wear them on television but part of the income generated from every article is donated to the Swedish Diabetic Fund. Supporting this invaluable research with a €1 donation for every bracelet sold is my small contribution to a cause close to my heart. I would love to extend this to other worthy charities around the world.

..qualche scatto della linea ByCara dedicata a lui..

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